As a producer, Dan writes and records demo tracks for many of the projects he has been part of as well as producing remixes under the name Future Weapon. He has also expanded into creating music for library albums used in TV, film and radio soundtracks. 

As well as woodwind, he is competent on vocals, keyboard, guitar, trumpet and drums giving his work a quick turnaround and making him less reliant on using samples and a prime candidate for Electro Swing, Jazz and horn led Pop, Electronic and Rock tracks. His recording studio is fully equipped with high quality instruments and equipment and can produce professional sounding products.

He has recently begun taking on work for Bleach Productions, a London based company specialising in library music for multimedia applications and having merged with BMG they are expanding rapidly. 

He also freelances as a producer and recording artist for Lo Records who’s  work and has featured on TV, Radio and Video Games with a track to be featured on Rockstar’s GTA V soundtrack.

Examples of production work.

Dan is also a competent arranger and has written parts for a large number of live and studio applications. 

Examples of arranging.